How To Recover Deleted Photos On Android Phone

You can easily capture photos and store them on android phone. Android phone works as camera and storage device. Being portable, android phones are power packed with high quality cameras which make them the first choice of users for storing photos.
But risk of accidental deletion of photos is more on android as system do not have build in Recycle Bin like Windows computers. Sometimes Corrupted memory card leads to deletion of important stuff.

But if you make such mistake of deleting photos, then don’t panic. You still have some options to get your stuff back. There are two options:

  • Restore the photos if you backed up previously
  • Recover photos

Following are ways to get your photos back.

Restore Photos

1. Restore photos from Google Photos App

If you synced photos with Google account using Google photos app, then you can easily restore them. But you Google photos automatically deletes photos which are older than 60 days .

Step 1: Run Google Photos app on your Android.

Step 2: Tap on the “≡” icon at the left top of the interface.

Step 3: Select “Trash” option in the panel.

Step 4: Preview your deleted images.

Step 5: Select desired ones to “Restore” on Android.

2. Restore from Cloud Storage

You can upload your important photos to cloud storage so that it can be restored. There are various cloud storage options like GDrive, Mega, Box, Dropbox, Yandex. If you previously performed such backup then you can easily restore photos.

3. Restore from local backup

Some android phones have build-in backup and restore app which can backup your data and restore it when you need.
Alternatively by using secondary storage or storage device you can backup photos.

Recover photos by data recovery

If you want to recover your deleted stuff then do not use storage after deletion of photos. Using storage causes saving of new content. New content overwrites the old data. Hence once data is overwritten, it is impossible to recover it. Keep this thing in mind. Then you can try below solutions to recover photos.

Using data recovery softwares

This method requires computer, but photos can be recovered from any Android phone, no matters it is rooted or not.
There are various data recovery tools which can recover your photos easily.
Some popular tools are Android Data Recovery, data recovery .
Such softwares are available for free as well as in paid versions.

Recover using android apps (Only for Rooted phones)

If you have rooted phone then task is easier for you. There are many apps in Play Store which can recover all your deleted stuff including photos. Some popular apps are data recovery. These apps can scan your entire storage in a single click and then present a list of all recovered items. You can restore desired items. Some functionalities are only available in paid versions. So read description carefully before downloading apps.

Backup important stuff regularly and always keep data recovery software with you. Choose any way which suits you from above and make backup your habit. I am sure once you follow these things you will never lost your photos.