How to resolve Outlook PST error if ScanPST Tool not responding

PST files are also known as Personal Storage Table which contains entire MS Outlook items including emails, messages, contacts, attachments, appointments, drafts, notes, lists, etc. Though, PST files get corrupted due to various reasons such as file size issue. As earlier versions of Outlook has maximum 2GB limitation to store data in PST format. Anything more than 2GB could lead to PST file corruption. However, in the later versions of Outlook, it exceeds up to 50GB.

Primary cause for PST file corruption?

There are numerous causes for Outlook PST file corruption. Some primary causes are mentioned below:

  • Virus attack
  • Over-sized PST file
  • Sudden system shutdown
  • Sudden termination of Outlook program
  1. Virus attack: Virus or malware attack can halt or corrupt Outlook files. The virus can destroy the entire files of the system. Hence, it is advised to use a trustworthy and reliable antivirus to protect your data.
  2. Over-sized PST file: Oversized PST file is the primary cause of PST file corruption. If the PST file exceeds its maximum size limit, it gets corrupted. So, always take a backup of your PST file on a regular interval.
  3. Sudden system shutdown: Another reason of PST file corruption is, sudden system shutdown. When users do not follow the proper instruction to shutdown the system, your Outlook file may get corrupted.
  4. Sudden termination of Outlook program: The Outlook program should be closed properly. Sudden termination of Outlook program could lead you to the Outlook file corruption.

Reason – Why Microsoft in-built Scanpst.exe utility is not responding?

As Microsoft provides a free in-built Scanpst.exe utility to resolve PST file corruption issue. But, sometimes it get failed to perform repair process. The scanpst.exe utility helps user to repair minor PST file corruption. Below are some reasons which can stop Scanpst.exe to perform well.

  1. Malware and virus
  2. Severely corrupted PST files
  3. incorrect installation of Scanpst.exe utility.