PST File Gets Corrupt after moving and renaming

Outlook PST files are extremely useful, but they can prove to be the source of many issues if not handled properly. A damaged PST file can halt the entire working of Outlook, leaving users hanging in the midst of trouble. Thus, in addition to taking proper backups of your Outlook PST files, you should never try to mess with their system file structure or PST File can corrupt PST after renaming or moving. Let us delve more into this thought.

Why PST gets corrupted after moving or renaming?

One of the most common reasons behind PST file gets corrupted after moving or renaming is your Outlook was open during the moving or renaming PST. The PST file corruption can be the result of several reasons. However, understanding the reason of its happening is the key to resolving the error.

1. Abnormal File System Recovery could cause PST files to become corrupted

2. Terminating Outlook abnormally can damaged PST files

3. Renaming the PST file explicitly can mess with their internal structure, thus corrupting them

4. Changing the location of the PST file manually can also trigger their damage

5. Renaming or Moving PST while MS Outlook is open

Whatever is the reason, but with a corrupted PST file, you will be unable to access your Outlook properly. As a result, you could witness various types of error messages like “Outlook PST inaccessible”, or “File Pathfilename.pst could not be accessed, data error, cyclic redundancy check”, or even “Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file”. Depending upon how severe the level of corruption in your PST file is and what technique you use to revive it, you may be able to recover all your data from the file.

Techniques to repair corrupted PST

Solution 1: Use ScanPST.exe

The simplest way to repair the damage is by using Microsoft’s inbuilt Inbox Repair Utility, Scanpst.exe. By following the simple steps below, you can repair your PST files.

1. Search for the ScanPst.exe file in windows. You can do this by typing the name “Scanpst.exe” in the search option under the “Start” button in windows.

2. On completion of the process for locating the Scanpst.exe file, you will see it in the search result.

3. Then simply double click on the Scanpst.exe file. The Scanpst.exe file will start. You have to browse the location of the corrupted PST file.

4. Click on the browse button to enable you to locate the damaged PST file. You will find it under the location: C Drive -> Windows -> Local Settings -> Application Data.

Note: Different versions of Windows use different paths to locate the PST file. So depending which version of Windows you are using, you need to choose the right path appropriately.

5. The final step is to click on the Start Button. Once the Scanpst.exe gets executed, it will successfully repair the corrupted PST file.

The above process is a simple way wherein the damage is caused as a result of the renaming or modification of the PST file. In that case Scanpst.exe can help to repair the PST file. But if it happens due to movement of the file location, executing Scanpst.exe may not resolve the problem. Also, if your PST file has been corrupted severely, Scanpst.exe can prove to be unsuccessful in fixing it.

Solution 2: Create new Outlook profile

If the PST file got corrupted when you were trying to recreate your Outlook profile, then you need to uninstall Outlook first. Then install it again and create a new user profile.

Solution 3: Use an automated PST file repair application

If both the above mentioned techniques are unable to fix the damaged PST file, then the corruption might be quite severe. In such a case, you need to use a competent and more sophisticated PST Repair tool. One such tool is Repair for Outlook.This is an advance software which is designed to fix even a severely corrupted PST file. It performs operations for recovering the data as per the corruption reason and helps you recover all your data intact.

What users can do to prevent “corruption in PST File after renaming or moving”?

The root cause of the problem is usually the PST file becoming corrupt due to renaming or moving from its original location. Let us see how to rename PST file without corrupting it.

1. First make sure you completely quit Microsoft Outlook. Confirm it by ending all processes named “outlook.exe” in the Task Manager.

2. After completely closing Microsoft Outlook, go to Archives folder in the file system. Here you can rename the file but make sure you preserve the .PST file extension at the end of the name.

Important: Do not close the Archive folder in the Outlook folder List before renaming the file. Otherwise the file will get corrupted and not work properly in the Outlook folder list.

3. Finally, you can open Outlook again and add the Renamed PST file back to your folder list.

4. Before moving the PST File make sure your Outlook is closed.

Corruption of the PST file could happen due to many other reasons as well like improper shutdown of Outlook application or of your computer, virus attacks, etc. So it is advisable that you always ensure that you shut down your computer properly. Apart from this, you must use an antivirus to ensure proper protection against virus attacks.

Wrapping it up

Microsoft Outlook will not work properly if the PST file gets corrupted since it saves all the mailbox data over there. Therefore, if you really need to rename or relocate the file, be careful while doing so and follow the steps detailed in the section above otherwise it can corrupt PST after renaming. Also, make sure to always backup your PST file to avoid the mail data loss. And if nothing works go with the Repair for Outlook to repair your Outlook PST File.