Exchange Public Folders to Office 365 Migration

Many people think that there is no need to migrate Exchange Public Folder have long been the neglected. But it should not be done actually. Modern Public Folders allow Public Folders to be stored within Mailbox Databases and inside Public Folder mailboxes so when an organization is moving to their old Exchange Server to new or higher Exchange Servers or even Office 365 it always been recommended by experts to migrate Exchange Public Folders also.

Although migrating Public folders is a tough task admin need to be aware of all the limitations, complications of migrating Public Folders that could make them frustrate.

But now with the time of Exchange Server 2013 the importance of Public Folder has been increased and to get rid of all complicated and complex deals for the IT Administrator taken out an advanced solution for Public Folder Migration. Migrator for exchange proves to be an out standing solution and to saves the Administrator from such unnecessary headaches.

This tool helps you migrate Public Folders from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2013 without going for double-hop migration and once you have migrated then you can manage coexistence between both source and target destinations. The coexistence between two Exchange Servers and between Exchange Server & Office 365 that the changes in items or folder list of Public Folders at one Exchange Server will be visible at another in real-time.

Some following important feature of tool are as follow:

  • Migration from any Exchange Server to Exchange Server of Higher Version
  • Migration from any Exchange Server to Office 365
  • Supports both intra-forest and cross-forest Public Folders Migration
  • Undo migration of Public Folders
  • Adding footprints to avoid repetitive migration
  • Synchronization of Public Folders between two Exchange Servers can be done
  • Scheduling automated Public Folders Migration can be done