NSF to PST Conversion Over Manual Process

In present situation assorted email-client software are available and numerous businesses and individuals are adopting diverged platform for their projects. But obstacles crop-up when user of one platform needs to share the data on another email-client platform or wants to switch the platform that “How to migrate the data?”  Numerous professional tools are available online to iron-out the aforesaid situations but everyone wish to adopt a manual process first before take a professional tool. So this article is penciled to share “why choose profession tool for NSF to PST converter”.

So steps to convert NSF to PST manually are here to follow

 NSF format is used to store the information in Lotus Notes and Ms Outlook creates PST file to store the information.

  1. Open Lotus Notes (IBM Notes).
  2. Click the Mail
  3. Go to file menu and select Export to open the Export Wizard.
  4. Choose the Tabular text or structured text format from export options appeared in Wizard.

(Ms Outlook supports both formats)

  1. Click Continue to process ahead.
  2.  Click Export from the wizard to export the mail files.

Now you have to import the lotus notes data into Ms Outlook. So follow the procedure to import the data in Ms Outlook:

  1. Launch Ms Outlook
  2. Go to file menu and click import and Export option to open the wizard.
  3. Click on Import from import from another program or file in next wizard
  4. Choose CSV(comma separated value) and click next
  5.  Browse the file to import in next wizard.
  6. Click Next and select the destination folder to import the CSV file.
  7. Click Next and conversion process will start and take a few second.
  8. Click Finish.

 Reason Why choose Profession tool for NSF to PST conversion

This manual process is free to use but it time- consuming and needs to efforts a lot to finish this task. It’s a quite complicated process for a novice user and it does not assure for complete NSF to PST conversion. Various professional tools are available online for NSF to PST conversion. Professional tools for NSF to PST conversion have great capability to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook data. Professional tool is a quick, hassle –free process for NSF to PST conversion. By using professional tool you can efficiently convert NSF data to Outlook without any data loss and hurdle. Numerous third party software are available online, you can chose any one of them but which one fulfills your requirement is the question because among numerous NSF to PST converters some of are well known and some of are not even recognized, so which is best.

Lotus Notes to PST conversion is one of the professional tools designed for this conversion purpose. This software is capable to efficiently migrate the data from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Some impressive features of this tool are:

  1. Quick conversion process
  2. Allow you to migrate complete or selected data from NSF to PST.
  3. Supports all version of Lotus Notes
  4. Supports all version of Ms outlook

 NSF to PST version free version

Lotus Notes to Outlook converter has two version free version and full version. Full version is chargeable tool and converts all data from NSF to PST without any restriction or limit. Demo version is a free version of this tool and has all the functionality and features of full version. Restriction is it migrate first 25 files from each folder of NSF to PST. For further more you have to purchase it.