How to repair your corrupt PST file quickly

Emails are the assets for every professional or personal user. When it comes to organizations, from process, plans, strategies, communications, to schedules, everything is contained in emails. Moreover, today, most businesses decide to deploy MS Outlook email application for proper work flow maintenance.

MS Outlook is a popular email system that offers much more than emailing to its users. If you are also an Outlook user, you will be aware of this fact well. To let you know that Outlook stores all its data within its data file, commonly known as PST (Personal Storage Table) or Personal Folder file. The data, PST file contains, includes email messages, contacts, notes, tasks, calendar, and everything else.

Moreover, PST files allow you to access them if the stored data is required. Now it is equally important to know that there may be corruption in PST file due to several reasons, and you lose access to all the stored data eventually. Below are the causes that lead to corruption of PST file:

1. An improper exit from Outlook application may lead to damage to PST file. It may happen due to power disconnection or system crash.

2. If logical corruption occurs due to viruses, software malfunction or human error, PST files are more likely to get corrupt.

3. If you modify the PST file improperly, it will get corrupt.

4. Invalid or missing structure of PST file makes the PST file prone to corruption.

5. Last but not the least; PST file size may also cause its corruption. In Outlook 2002 and previous versions, the size of PST file is offered 2 GB, and in Outlook 2003 and 2007, the size has been increased to 20 GB. The notable thing is, when PST exceeds the size limit, it gets corrupt.

Whatever be the cause of PST corruption, ultimately you face data loss, which is surely an objectionable scenario. Have you ever heard your boss instructing you ‘backup the data, back it up often’? Yes, this is how you can easily prevent data loss. However, most users either forget to take the Outlook mail backup or do not update it. Consequently, the recently updated data is not available in the backup.

If so, you do not have to delay in getting a commercial Outlook repair software application. It will repair your PST file and will allow you to access the data. Such applications offer satisfactory results, and can be found online.