How to Import OST to Office 365

Here we will talk about How to Import OST file to Office 365 cloud platform. I have discussed methods for migrating OST to Exchange Online (Office 365). If you are planning to switch Office 365 then this blog will surely help you.

How Can We Migrate OST File to Office 365 Cloud Mailbox?

There are no direct methods to migrate OST file into office 365. But if you still want to know the process of importing OST file into office 365, then you need to convert OST file in PST format after that you can manually import PST to office 365 using Microsoft Network upload method. And you can also use a third party tool for uploading OST files directly into Office 365 cloud platform. There are many third parties solution, OST to Office 365 Migration Tool is one of them. It will help to save OST file into Exchange Online account along with all items like Emails, Attachments, Tasks, Appointments, meetings, contacts, and Notes, etc.

Here I am going to explain two methods of importing OST file to office 365. So read both methods and choose a suitable one for your migration.

After converting OST files into PST, Upload to Office 365

It is the indirect method to convert OST file into Office 365. First import the OST files to PST format, after that you need to upload PST file into Office 365.

Step 1: Convert OST file to PST file

  • Open your Outlook account >>file >>import and export.
  • Select Export to a file and click on Next
  • Then go to Personal Folder File (.pst) >> Next
  • Now select email or folder, check on Include Subfolder >> Next
  • Browse the location where you want to save the file and check “Replace duplicate with items imported” and click Next
  • Put the password (if you want, otherwise skip it) and hit Ok

Note: If the exchange server is offline or you are not connected to the server on this time given method will not work then simply use the OST to PST converter tool for exporting OST file into PST format.

Step 2: Migrate PST file to Office 365 cloud platform

  • Login your office 365 account >> Admin Center >> Exchange
  • Exchange Admin Center window will appear>> Permission>> double click on Organization Management a new popup appear >> + sign >> select Mailbox Import Export >>Add>>Ok
  • After that select Mailbox import export again >> Save
  • Now go to Admin Center>> Setup>>Data Migration >> click on Upload file.
  • Then hit on New Import Job>>type the job name >> Next
  • Check on Upload Your Date>> Next.
  • Now you will see a window just click on and Show Network Upload SAS URL copy the URL & paste on the notepad >> Download Azure AzCopy click Run and the tool get installed.

Note: while you are importing PST file to Office 365, just give the permission of the folder or file which one you want to import and copy the Network Path.

  • Open the Microsoft Azure AzCopy tool and type here

AzCopy.exe /Source: \Network Path or File location /Dest:”SAS URL” /V: location path where you want to save log file /AzCopy.log /Y
Sample Code:
AzCopy.exe /Source:\DESKTOP-MPKVU38UsersleDesktopImport /Dest:”” /V:c:UsersleDesktopAzCopy.log /Y

  • Press the Enter key
  • After uploading PST file, create a CSV file to map PST fine into mailbox account.
  • Now open the import data window and check on both option and >> Next
  • Click on Select Mapping file>> Upload CSV file>> Validate>> Save
  • Your PST file successfully uploaded into Office 365 >>Close.