How to Convert Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook or Office 365

There is no denying that email is the most vital ingredient of today’s Digital Era. Accessing as well as managing them is sometimes simple and sometimes the whole new level of challenge. Still, it plays a vital role in client user communication. In fact, Email is a perfect Connectivity as well as Convenience source.

Email – Digitized Communication Support

Fortunately, the moving forward marketplace has tens of thousands of Email client applications, including IBM Lotus Notes, Mozilla’s Thunderbird, Eudora, Windows Live Mail, to Microsoft Outlook. These applications have made the communication easier and you can both access and manage them at a go.

Thunderbird – A Blessing for the Personal User

If we talk from the perspective of Personal users, then undoubtedly Thunderbird is a boon. Millions of users around the globe use this open source email application extensively y. With hands on this popular cross- platform email application, you can ensure boatload of benefits that makes email management process not only easy but also intuitive. It provides efficient message grouping as well as filtering, virtual saved search folders, multiple identities support in a single account, support for major operating systems, extensions, junk filtering, and themes.

MS Outlook – A Gift for Corporate User

On contrast, if we talk about the corporate world, it will not be erroneous to state that MS Outlook is a sure-shot solution. Thanks to this secure as well as reliable communication application, you can guarantee maintainable business growth. Further, its social evolution lets you enhance connectivity with vendors or end users. With hands on this email-client application, you get support for free email server (IMAP or POP3) along with cutting-edge features.

How Mozilla Thunderbird Differs From MS Outlook?

Mozilla Thunderbird MS Outlook
Supports MBOX File Format PST is the Proprietary File Format
Comparatively less secure Highly secure
Supports 53 languages Supports 96 languages
Does not allows you to Schedule emails Allows you to Schedule emails
No Support for Exchange Server Compatible with Exchange Server
No support for Advanced Filtering options Effective Spam Filtering Feature
No Complete Information Manager Complete Information Manager support
No Support for Phones Compatible with Windows Phones
Limited-feature functionality for Business user Includes a wide-range of Advance Features
Does not includes Task Tracking and Calendaring Support Includes Task Tracking and Calendar Features

From this, we can easily infer why MS Outlook is a more preferred option in comparison to Mozilla Thunderbird, especially for Enterprises.

Therefore, based on these benefits and other smart features such as effectiveness & versatility, if you are looking forward to Converting Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 or Thunderbird to Office 365, here is a comprehensive migration guide for you.

Thunderbird to Outlook 2016/ Office 365

Several different approaches may be used by which you can convert from Thunderbird to Outlook 2016/ Office 365. The first and the foremost consideration action is to have a Backup. Let’s delve into different methodologies to Export Thunderbird to PST.

Course of Action 1 – Drag and Drop
It is a two-stage process and is intended only for Outlook 2010 or earlier versions.

1: MBOX Messages Export to EML files

  • Open Thunderbird -> Click on all messages for Export
  • Create a New Folder on Desktop -> drag selected items –> Drop in recently created folder

2: EML Files Import into PST

  • Open MS Outlook -> Click on Folder in which you want to export messages
  • Drag recently updated Desktop Folder Content into Outlook Folder

Course of Action 2
It allows you to install a free add-on and using that convert data.

  • Open Thunderbird -> Install an Add-on like ImportExportTool
  • Using add-on export all messages into EML Files
  • Import EML File into Outlook

Course of Action 3 – IMAP Usage
This course of action ensures two-way synchronization. In this, you have to establish another email client account using IMAP server.

  • Under Thunderbird, use IMAP server to configure Gmail account
  • Now, in Gmail make a New Folder
  • Under this Folder, add all messages that are ready to export
  • Next, open Outlook
  • Using POP or IMAP, create the same Gmail Account
  • Finally, Download emails

Course of Action 4 – Import-Mailbox Data to MBOX File 
It is a four-stage process.

  • First, transform Thunderbird Mail Data to MBOX
  • Next, add MBOX File Extension
  • Next, use Eudora for Messages import
  • Finally, import Outlook Express messages to Outlook

The conversion process is complete.