Fix Corrupt VHD File by VHD Recovery Software

VHD also known as Virtual Hard Disk is a kind of file format which is created on the Virtual Machine. It could contain disk partition and a file system which is found on a physical HDD.

Sometimes it happens that Virtual Machine fails to attach the VHD file. It means that the VHD file is corrupted or unreadable. That time an error message prompts stating that:

“Failed to open attachment ‘C:\ directory \MyVHD.vhd’. Error: ‘The VHD file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.”

Now the main question is that what could be the possible reason behind the Corrupt VHD File?

There are many major factors responsible for corrupt VHD File. These are:

  • When the installation of Antivirus is done on Hyper-V host server.
  • When Network is faulty, still files are transferred from the failing network.
  • When Hard Drive suddenly fails, data gets corrupted.
  • When the virtual device is moved over the network but storage device is disconnected, results in corrupt VHD File.

Again the question arises on how to repair corrupt VHD file?

Well, worry not as there is a manual procedure given below which can be used to fix VHD file error.

Procedure: Repair VHD File with the help of a Virtual machine

Step 1: In the first step Add the new disk to the newly created virtual server.

Step 2: Next go to settingsà Browse the VHD file which is to be repaired.

Step 3: Now, open the Virtual Disk Wizardà Click on the compact option

Step 4: Make sure the size of the selected VHD file is equal to or more than the size of the VHD.

Step 5: Next save the VHD File with a new file name.

Step 6: Now try to load the VHD file and it will open.

This process is time-consuming and also doesn’t guarantee the complete result.

If the above-mentioned procedure does not work then you need to try third party VHD Recovery software which is capable and can easily and effectively fix corrupt VHD File that to without any prior technical knowledge.


Hence the bottom line of this article is that corrupt VHD File is a serious problem and can cause issues if not fixed on time. Any of the above-mentioned procedure which suits the user can be used to fix the VHD error problem.